Saturday, July 30, 2011

Trip to the Mall

The National Mall, that is.

We decided to go down to the Mall with Uncle A to the Natural History Museum (at C6's request) to see the rocks and minerals. Since it is summer we left a wee bit early and got the Mall by 9:30 so we could get a parking space. Parking space duly found and occupied, we exited the car and looked around and saw the carousel.

Ah, the carousel. We headed over, but it, too, was not open yet. Poor Q5, she was very desperate for it to open.

Q5 waiting for carousel Q5 waiting for the carousel to open

Finally, after multiple trips around the carousel, many chats with the operator, a few stops to pet dogs, and a lot of standing in a non-existant line, the carousel opened, and they BOLTED in and onto the horses they'd chosen from outside the gates, and tied themselves up.

Q5 and C6 on carousel

C6 on Carousel

We managed to keep them down to one ride and then off to the museum.

We saw (and played with) a lodestone (a stone that had been struck by lightening and has been made magnetic). See those paperclips?

Q5 and C6 with Lodestone

C6 was in good form and was very amenable to to getting pictures taken.

C6 with a rock that she liked. She's propped up her gemstones book!

C6 with rock

We were going throug the Kenneth E. Behring Hall of Mammels at Q5's request, and stopped to watch the movie about Morgie and mammels. In the theater C40 asked C6 to pose with this guy. I am amazed that C42 managed to get this photo!!

C6 with ape

We breezed through the David H. Koch
Hall of Human Origins
where Q5 was amazed at the size of the "Hobbits" Q5 was taller than the average "Hobbit" woman. There are lots of interesting things in that hall, but we managed to get out and into the Sant Ocean Hall

While at the Sant Ocean Hall Q5 stood in front of a small aquarium for a good long time. I heard C6 yelling "Q5!" from a distance, but didn't see her for about 5 minutes, when she came to rest 2 feet from us an leaned against a wall and sighed and said to C42, "I can't find Q5 anywhere!"

So, after they looked at the aquarium together C6 took Q5 back to what she'd wanted to show her. A stuffed penguin.

C6 with Penguin

Then we went home. SOMEBODY in our party was getting hungry and cranky. Me.

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