Sunday, July 31, 2011


C42 and I have been reading the Narnia series to Q5 at bedtime. Currently we are reading Prince Caspian. Sometimes Q5 has been less than attentive, but she has of late been quite engaged by it, to the point of also listening to the BBC radio play near constantly.

Q5 ready for the CD

Currently she is listening to "Voyage of the Dawn Treader." She had just reached the part where Eustace turned into a dragon when the CD ended, and she needed the next CD.

Q5: Mumma! Eustace just turned into a dragon!
E41: Really! How did that happen?
Q5: He slept on a dragon's treasure!

After this we arrived at the pack of CDs with the radio play to get the next CD. The next CD had a dragon's tail on it.

Q5: Mumma! Is that Useless' tail??
E41: Useless? Yes, it is.

I gave her the CD and she put it in. Off we go.

Q5 putting the CD in

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