Thursday, August 25, 2011

Corn husk dolls

Corn husk doll with braided arms

So, the two day after the earthquake the girls had off from school, as school officials had to check all the schools in the school system for damage.

C6 did NOT want to go outside. I had to force both kids out to play, I suppose this isn't so unusual, actually. But once outside they did play and eventually they asked if they could harvest the corn.

The corn was way ripe, but it had never really gotten big. Because of the space it was in? lack of rain? I don't know. We had a ton of ears, they were just all ... stubby. I later tried to cook them but they'd gone all starchy and not the best.

C6 and corn

Anyway, we stripped all the corn, and made corn husk dolls.

C6 making corn husk doll C6 making the doll

C6 and corn husk doll

Corn husk doll with braided arms Q5 and corn husk dolls

Q5 took the dolls I made and cut their bottoms off so they would stand up.

Q5's amputated dolls

And then she made a movie

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