Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Well, after C6 got over the earthquake in roared a hurricane. Hurricane Irene which wreaked so much havoc in Vermont and western Mass. But not much here in Maryland. And lucky for us, the peak passed through overnight, when the kids were asleep.

C6 had taken to not going outside at all if she could help it, as she was afraid of the hurricane. Not letting go of my hand during the walk home. That sort of thing.

So we stocked up on stuff to distract during the build-up of the storm, hoping we would not lose power too early. We didn't.

So we were able to make s'mores in the microwave:

Q5 smores Horizontal C6 smores hands

C42 bought Lilo and Stitch since it had a Hawaiian angle, which he though t might appeal to C6. It did. Here they are taking Hula lessons from the DVD at the end of the movie.

C42 pulled out a new CD for Q5, a compilation of Disney Princess songs. She love love loved it!

We had power through bedtime, and the kids fell asleep fine. Around 12:30 am I woke to a huge BANG of one of the transformers blowing. I looked out the window and saw a small fire ... and promptly hit C42 to wake him. I called the police to inform them, and C42 ran out the check the fire. It was electrical in nature, although we still had power. And the rain was pouring down and the wind was really getting going.

We were up for about a hour or so, and then the line outside really got going, sparking something serious. It made great fireworks a couple of times, and then another huge explosion and the power went out.

The next day we went down to check out the damage. This was the downed power line

Downed wire

And this is the hole that downed power line made.

Hole in the ground

When you put your hand in the hole it was still warm from the current. C42 has an explaination of HOW it happened on facebook, I think, but I'll tell you the end result -- the concrete/sand turned to glass.

glass pieces

We took a handfull home, as did most kids in Hyattsville, I believe!

Power came back about 24 hours after we lost it. Yippee! We'd been prepared for days without power as we had after Isabelle a few years ago, so we were very pleased!

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