Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dress up

A friend from work gave me a wrap around skirt the other day. She had bought a bunch and thought she'd sew beads on them. That didn't happen. Fast forward 7 years and she has 14 skirts in her closet, all the same. Hahahaha. So, she's giving them away, and she offered one to me.

I like the skirt OK, it looks very twirly, but the girls really liked it.

C6 wore it as a shawl (of course) and then Q5 wanted to wear it as a dress. So C6 had to make a dress out of a beach wrap I had and a shawl from a mini-afgahn.

dress up

Q5 looks quite 70s, I think, with a maxi-dress. C6 looks a little homeless.

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