Thursday, August 4, 2011


For our wedding in 1998 somebody gave us a lovely crystal ice bucket. It is a cute design, cut spirals in it, a little whimsical. I have used it now and again, when I have need for an ice bucket, or some large heavy crystal object. Because this thing is HEAVY. I weighed it today, over 6 pounds.

Why did I weight it, you might wonder? Well, because it fell on C6's head this afternoon.

She attempted to pull a drawer out of a bookcase, but instead pulled the whole case away from the wall. In attempting to push the drawer back in ... she pushed the whole case back to the wall. And the lightweight tray (also given to us as a wedding gift in 1998) which was behind the heavyweight ice bucket apparently pushed the ice bucket right over the edge and onto C6's head.

I saw it going over.

Huge screams from me and C6 of course. Nice 15 cm gash in her head. I personally didn't think it was bleeding that much, but the gash was fairly deep. The lip of the ice bucket (which remained intact, I might add) just dug into C6's head, cut some of her hair, and barely got dirty.

C42 scooped her up quickly and I managed to get a towel for her head right away. Then I attempted to find somebody to take Q5 (who was, thankfully, in enforced quiet time at that moment) so we could take C6 to the hospital. But it wasn't bleeding SO much that C6 couldn't keep the towel on her head. And the two people I called ... it was too complicated. So C42 drove C6 to the hospital and kept in touch with us by texting.

I was just crying and a little bit nauseated. I mean, a bowling ball-weight object had just fallen on my daughter's head. Yes, a candlepin bowling ball, but let's not be picky, OK?

Eventually, though, I got word that she had no concussion (how many times can C6 hit her head??) but she needed stitches. Which turned out to be staples.

C6 was not keen on the idea of staples in her head, but C42 gave her his phone and she didn't even notice that they shot her head up full of novacain and then did not mind the staples.

Right now she is fine, no pain, but I think tomorrow there may be some pain and swelling and discomfort.

No swimming or washing of the hair for a week. I think we'll have to encourage a hat outside to keep the bugs out of the wound.

Picture of staples below, so don't look if you are anything like me.

Staples in Head

So, long story short, my ice bucket is OK, very solidly made,despite a 4 foot tumble off a bookcase. However, I have put it away for now, so it can't fall off onto any more heads.

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