Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kindergarten Party

Waaaaay back when C6 was entering Kindergaten, in 2009, we had a few people over so she'd know somebody the first day of school. So, I decided to do it again, and Saturday morning we had 8 rising-k students over at our house. And the parents, because the new school is a new experience, too, especially for first children.

The party started slow, as the first child there is one who takes a long time to warm up to things. Even though he'd been at school with Q5 for a year already he clung to his mom. But eventually more children arrived and everybody found their niche.

Some were painting, some were eating, some were playing at the little kitchen, some were jumping on the trampoline, and eventually, almost all of them were in trampoline with the sprinkler going underneath it. I wasn't crazy about 6 kids in at one time, but they were all the same size, so there were no problems.

(These were some of the wooden shapes we picked up last week and glued onto popsicle -- excuse me, CRAFT -- sticks and set out for the kids to paint. I think we bought about 40, and I think Q5 painted about 10 of them. She really enjoyed it! We had glued them on sticks, and I had suggested to Q5 and C6 that they could put on a puppet show. That idea was taken up by Q5, apparently, as after the party she commented that it hadn't been quite as fun as she'd been expecting because nobody had put on a puppet show with their painted things.)

Wooden shapes on sticks

Now it is countdown to the first day of school. I think we'll be seeing some more "I'm nervous" behavior from Q5 in the coming two weeks until she realizes that she'll be just fine.

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