Saturday, August 20, 2011


The pool has tent nights every so often over the summer. You can stay over, swim late, toast marshmallows, eat s'mores, and sleep in a tent under the starts.

But we are not there. The girls have always been pretty uniformly against tent night. But a while back C42 mentioned that he's sleep in our tent in the back yard. So when Q5 had a hankering to do tent night at the pool tonight C6 suggested the backyard instead.

I initially thought hahahaha! look what I've gotten out of, but now I think it looks fun, if a little crowded, as we have only one 2-man tent.

setting up the tent Q5 in tent

When asked what they were doing tonight both girls said virtually the same thing.

By the time this was set up, I wanted to sleep outside! But it was fairly buggy (although they have a bug lamp)and uncomfortable, and crowded, and a bit warm and awkward (ground isn't level).


At 9:00 I heard a moaning crying at the door ... Q5 wanted in to come in to use the potty and sleep in her own bed. I sent her upstairs to pop into bed and I went down to the tent to get her blankie. C6 wanted to come in, except she didn't want to miss popcorn for breakfast that I'd promised. She asked if she slept in her bed if she could have popcorn for breakfast. No? She's staying outside for now.

*********2nd UPDATE*********

9:32 and C6 is now reading in bed. C42 is taking the tent down. Apparently the crickets are too loud.

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