Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to school

This morning was all excitement. C6 and Q5 were READY to go to school by 7:00. Dressed, teeth brushed, hair combed and headbanded. Then -- waiting.

Waiting until it's time to leave

I got them outside, where they stood for some photos. They are adorable in their uniforms! I love them. Even after all that fuss during C6's first year.

100_7201 100_7202 Q5 and C6 hugging on 1st day of school

Eventually, though, it was time to go, and the whole family trouped to school. Yes, that is me carrying my tea with a wet spot on my shirt where some cottage cheese fell on me.


C6 thought we might be first in line, but we were so not close to first in line! It was a mad house by the time we got there. C6 was happy happy to be there.


After C6 got in line I took Q5 over to her classroom. She found a seat, made sure that I gave the bag of supplies to her teacher (I did) and she found a seat.


No tears or worry from Q5, none at all. She seemed a bit pensive at times, but she was not concerned at all, despite some clingy, weepy children near her (her apparently best friends)


So, the top 10 things I learned from Q5 today.

1) She sat next to H5 all day, and plans on doing that every day
2) She sat next to P5 at lunch, and plans on doing that every day
3) Sharks have many many teeth that they replace
4) Playdough was her favorite activity
5) They had frosted flakes and milk and graham crackers for breakfast (C6 did on her first day of kindergarten, too!)
6) She was lying about the sharks. She already knew about sharks and they didn't learn about them today.
7) She doesn't want to tell me what she did today

Yeah, that's the 10 things I got out of her.

Both girls were exhausted this afternoon and could not get along. We played on the playground and walked home, had a snack, had some quiet time, then started to fight. I had to put one in the tub and one in her room to keep things from getting violent. Hope things go smoothly tonight.

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