Saturday, October 29, 2011

Introducing ...

It snowed today. It started as lots and lots of rain, but switched to big heavy snow, then back to rain, then back to snow and I think it ended up as rain overnight. But the ground definitely was covered for a little while.

C7 was in and out of the house, watching the weather on the computer, checking the temperature, yelling "it's so beautiful!" and generally just being extremely excited.


100_7604 100_7605

And all this reminded her that she wanted to take pictures and that she wanted to post her pictures to her blog. She created a blog a couple of weeks ago and this was her second post.

So, introducing Camera Kitchen Floor of Dogs! (we were worried the name might already be taken, but whew, it wasn't). Yes, it shows that I'm posting thing, but it isn't me, it is all C7. She took the photos, posted the photos, wrote the text.

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