Friday, October 28, 2011

School Halloween Parade

Make that ... School dress up as a character from a book parade. Not that that fools the parents who don't let their children participate in Halloween. Those kids still didn't dress up. But for the rest of us it caused a litte stir as we had to make sure our dress up was somebody from a book.

So, C7, who is going to Halloween as a colonial girl, chose to go to school as a 1940s girl from one of the Dear America books ... and wore a skirt with a sweater. Stuff she likes to wear every day [classic C7, right? Remember Kindergarten? And first grade?] C7 is next to her friend M7 who is dressed as Han Solo.

M7 and C7

Q5 wore a cat costume. I'd found Trois Petits Chats and figured she was le petite chat noir. But she then found a Dorrie book, and went as Gink. Either way, she was a black cat, with a very long tail! There were 4 kitties in her class!! One of them is her good friend H5.

Q5 and H5 kitties 2

And ... them parading.

Here is Q5 with her awesome teacher!

And here is C7 with Han Solo. She appears to be looking for me, but I'm so right in front of her that she doesn't see me!!

Have another video of Q5 playing with her tail!

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