Saturday, November 26, 2011

Inside the museums with friends

We had fun.

We visited the Botanic Garden train exhibit. It was GREAT. I think we've not done it before, this year was amazing with all these small little houses and castles and things made from plant materials. Here is Q next to one of the little houses, a rather awkward photo of C7, Q5 and me, and my stand in husband, and then a cute little photo of C7 and Q5 in front of the tree.

Q5 and pixie hollow C7 Q5 E41 with toy soldier C7 and Q5

You know that C7 is obsessed with Pearl Harbor lately, so at Air & Space she and C42 visited the WWII exhibit, and she got her photo taken in front of a Japanese fighter. Nice.

C7 with Japanese WWII fighter

Also at Air & Space the girls took part in a paper airplane contest. They did not win, but both made paper airplanes. Q5's flew. C7s did not.

Q5 with paper airplane C7 paper airplane

And Q5 in front of a lander.

Q5 in front of lander II

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