Sunday, November 27, 2011

Outside the museums

In between Natural History, Air & Space, and the Botanic Gardens we had to walk in the fresh fresh air. And play, of course. And eat ice cream.

Running after birds. Classic.

How great is this photo? C7 just put her arm around J6 and we got a great picture.

J6 and C7 on bench

We were waiting a bit after the carousel ride and the kids needed something to do. I suggested cartwheel. When they finished with those, they picked up trash, hopped, did races, whatever I said.

After Air & Space we had Popsicles. Q5 wanted the rainbow pop, but the first place we went didn't have it, so she got a strawberry shortcake one. J6 chose a snow cone. When I heard that I yelled "DON'T GET the SNOW CONE!!" thinking of the last time we bought a snow cone from a truck. They bought it anyway, and J6 ate about half of it. C7 got a Crunch bar.

Three with ice cream II

Since everybody was very embarrassed about my outburst (yes, I yelled twice not to get the snow cone) we moved on. Q5 shed tears a bit about the rainbow pop, but moved forward. K41 and I went to get ice cream from another truck. And -- they had the rainbow pop! So I bought that and a Creamsicle. Q was thrilled to get the rainbow pop, gave her strawberry shortcake to C7 and C7 gave her Crunch to C42.

J6 C5 with rainbow icepop

In the end, the rainbow pop wasn't what Q5 had hoped, but she didn't complain.

The ice cream pops perked everybody up and there was a little crazy running.

Q5 running at Air and Space

We then moved on, and before getting into the Botanic Gardens we walked through the garden a bit, and met this guy:

In front of moose

Dang, I loved him, and we tried and tried to get a photo for our Christmas/New Year's card, but the late afternoon sun was much too bright for the girls' eyes.

In front of moose II In front of moose  with hands

And finally, we got a couple of cute ones with the Capitol in the background. I like these. They are acting goofy, very C7.

C7 and Q5 in front of capital

Not quite done, I like this one, too.

C7 and Q5 in front of capital II

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