Friday, December 30, 2011

Crazy Friday night.

C7 is in bed with a million stuffed dogs. There she is in the corner with her head on the pink satin pillow. Actually, I quite like the way she's set up all the dogs then carefully climbed over them so as not to disturb them. They are all looking at Wanda, Calculator, and Swinda, at the foot of the bed under that teddy bear blanket and out of the photo. Actually, you can just catch Swinda's back paw there ...

C7 in bed

Q5 is asleep in the closet. You can see she is asleep on Big Elephant with her rainbow maker by her elbow. Her head is to the left.

Q5 in the closet

Closer shot ... she looks peaceful. It wasn't super peaceful getting to this point. She was weeping in the closet because it was "gloomy" but she she insisted she wasn't scared, she was brave.
Q5 in the closet 2

C42 is lightly snoring in Q's bed. Kindle closed.

C42 in Q5's bed

I am folding laundry and watching Narnia on TV. Me wearing a scarf and fleece over my sweater!


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