Thursday, December 15, 2011

Iridescent clouds

The day before yesterday I was waiting for the girls outside of the elementary school and looked up at the clouds. One of them looked like an oil spill ... it had colors, mostly a bluish green, but some yellow and pink/red as well. Then I realized a whole bunch of them were like that. Cool!

I pointed it out to C7 and Q5 ... C7 told me it was iridescent clouds. Oh! She told me they usually form over mountains and in winter. Well, they were over the elementary school.

C7 then went around pointing them out to all the adults and kids hanging out with us.

When we got home we looked them up in her weather book. Yes, they usually form over mountains! and everything else she told us about them was correct, of course.

They looked like this:

Now I'm on the look out for sun dogs ...

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