Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Three stories about Q5

First story

In school, the kids were discussing what their parents did, and it was Q5's turn ...

Q5: "Daddy edits magazines for adults"
Teacher, the estimable Ms. M: "Can children read these magazines, too?"
Q5: "Nope, they are adult magazines. For adults only."

That had me laughing so hard I'd almost forgotten the other stories.

Ms. M. was talking to the children about Santa Claus, and what they like to do for him, what would they leave for Santa. Most of the children said Milk and Cookies! but Q5 demurred, saying that we leave wine and cookies. Ms. M agreed that Santa could probably use a nice glass of wine after all that work he does delivering toys, but C42 reminded her that Santa likes whiskey. I think a nice glass of wine will satisfy Santa, however.

Final story. Q5 looked at a neighbor, E3, who recently fell down and had to go to the hospital.

Q5: E3, you have two ants on your lip.
E3: They are stitches.

That sounds dull and boring, but hm, it was kinda funny at the time. Well, if you are bored go back and read about C42's line of work as an editor for adult magazines.

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