Sunday, January 22, 2012

January excitement

This morning our smoke alarm/carbonmonoxide detector upstairs started beeping. So, C42 being out of town, I grabbed a chair, took it down, and changed the batteries. But THEN it yelled "CARBON MONOXIDE!" at me and continued to beep.

Admittedly, the beeps were not ferocious, or even very urgent, but the fact that the thing yelped "CARBON MONOXIDE!" at me made me think I'd better have it checked out.

By this time the girls were outside and would not come back in. I even brought their pancakes outside, and they were unable to eat them, they were worried.

C7 & Q5 outside

I called the fire department to have them come and just bring the carbon monoxide detector. We heard them driving through the neighborhood (no sirens, but we could tell from the deep rumble) and then ... they drove up Livingston Street instead of Longfellow.

I heard them stop at the comparable house on Livingston and waited for them to come around to us. They didn't. The phone rang, I picked it up and dropped it. The fire department didn't call back. What?? I thought they'd call back again. I gave them another 5 minutes, and then called them back again.

While waiting I asked a friend to come get them at 7:30 am (yes, she was still in PJs) just so they would stop freaking out.

As my friend and the girls walked away the fire department roared around the corner with a giant hook and ladder, lights flashing, ready to rescue us.

Hook and ladder

It turns out the sensor on the fire detector was bad, we didn't have carbon monoxide anywhere. New detectors all around.

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