Sunday, February 19, 2012

Girl Scout Cookies

This is girl scout cookie delivery time in our area, and Q5 just got her load of cookies in. Yes, much of the work is done by parents, but we attempted to make it as much of a girl thing as we could.

First we sorted our cookies into piles of cookie types. I'm not sure why she is pointing to the purple boxes of cookies, I think those were Samoas and Q5 didn't even like that cookie.

Q5 and a stack of cookies

Then I gave her a slip with every order on it, and the customer's name. She gathered the boxes of cookies, stacked them, taped the order slip on it, and wrote a tiny "Thank you, From: Q5" on a heart-shaped Post-it note and stuck it on top.

Q5 Writing a thank you Thank you

I tied a ribbon around the stacks and Q5 tied the bow. At which point she told me she was so good at tying bows because she gets to practice at school. Tying other kids shoes. So I guess it doesn't matter that she has Velcro shoes.

Then we put them in a pile and they are ready for delivery!

Ready to go!

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