Saturday, February 18, 2012

2nd annual talent show!

This is what you've been waiting for, right? Talent show night!

Talent Show

C7 has been practicing her dog facts for weeks, having given up the facts about Pearl Harbor. (Even though she and C42 had developed a full PowerPoint to go with that presentation.). Honestly, Pearl Harbor was a drag, anyway, right? Dog facts give you many more opportunities for cuteness. The most difficult thing was learning the order of them, and remembering what came next but we reordered the facts and put them in a sensible order and thought of some mnemonic devices to help her remember what came next. For example, the number 8 looks like two dog noses kissing, and fact number eight was that dogs' nose prints are unique, like fingerprints. Not all were that good, but in the end they all worked.

Do you remember last year? C7 was billed as the "Human Almanac?" This year her billing was the "Human Encyclopedia." How is she going to top this?

The Program

C7 was the last act before the break, after the Hula Girls and a number of singers. It is a long video, so watch at your own risk. I was nervous for her the whole time, but she didn't fidget (much), didn't lift up her skirt (much) and really did stay on point.

Did you notice her scarf? Dogs. She was wearing it loose earlier, and I attempted to get her to wear it tidy, and she refused. But she thought twice and wore it all neat when she eventually got on stage.

What you missed here is that after the curtains closed and Ms. H. was talking C7 popped back out to ask if the kids from the first half could come out now. The answer was no and she got shooed back in.

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