Saturday, March 31, 2012

Assateague and Chincoteague Day 1 Part 2

The boat ride.

C42 organized a boat trip around the islands to see the ponies from the water. It was early, so they warned us to dress warmly. I was wearing two sweaters, a hat, gloves, and a coat and they offered me another coat on top of that. Which I put on, and it made me look like a little head on a very big body.

Cold on boat 2012-03-30 15.35.00

Q5 and C7 driving the boat
Q5 driving boat 2012-03-30 16.30.49 C7 Driving the boat 1. 2012-03-30 16.31.04

C7 driving the boat

We actually did see a lot of ponies, but they were very far away, so I'll leave pony pictures until later.

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