Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Assateague and Chincoteague Day 3

Our last day, and we started early, of course, as C7 woke early (having fallen asleep like a reasonable child) and Q5 slept in a tiny bit (having not fallen asleep like a reasonable child). Breakfast at the breakfast buffet, and then ... the pool. The girls spent two whole hours in the pool, and I even swam for an hour (wow).

C7 jump Q5 jump

We left the islands and headed north to the Maryland national seashore. The ponies are not fenced in here, and one of the first things we saw was this:

Ponies in MD

The ponies in Maryland aren't penned as they are in Virginia. The authorities in Maryland use a chemical birth control to control the population rather than herding and selling them as they do in Virgina. But they roam free, over the parking lots, on the grass, around. So people do get bit and kicked, although thanks to Q5 The Cautious we didn't. When we saw ponies from the car she demanded we roll up our windows.

So, we spent some time on the glorious beach, where we saw about five surfers and two swimmers (they stayed in the water about 2 minutes), a few dogs,and more people than you'd think looking at this photo.

Maryland Beach

The kids enjoyed the sand.

Q5 on beach

C42 and Q5

C7 pkaying in sand C7 playing in sand

And me with kissy lips and my awesome wavy-curly hair!

E42 kissy lips

We went out and took a mini-hike on the dune trail in the national park. On the way there we went by this bunch of ponies ... they just jumped out of the woods along side us and started walking!! And yes, Q5 demanded that I roll up my window, you can hear her in the video.

Q5 was a little nervous because of the ponies and did NOT want to go on the walk, as you can see from this photo. She is walking along a road that was built in anticipation of subdividing the whole island and filling it with resorts and houses. Luckily, this was right before a hurricane blew in on Ash Wednesday, 1962, and resulted in the creation of the national seashore. Thank goodness.

Q7 grump on road

C42 brought her back, though.

Q5 in tree

And I think that is it! Glad to be home!

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