Sunday, April 8, 2012


This year we found out that the Easter bunny can change regular beans into jelly beans -- provided you've collected them when you've done good deeds (helping out, being polite, eating with your mouth shut, etc.). So during Lent we collected good deeds as pinto beans and this is what we found Easter morning ...

Easter bunny was here

The bunny also brought treats (dog stuffie and horse stuffie and candy) but the Easter bucket also makes a nice hat

C7 with bunny hat

We spent a lot of time outside, weeding, working on the soon-to-be-ours side yard, and the girls found some special places.

girls in weeds

The dogwood and lilac are in bloom (C7 took these pictures).

Dogwood lilac

Q5 stop in the name of love

This last image is of the fairy house, which C7 and Q5 shod with a fairy rug. Sweet.

fairy rug

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