Friday, April 27, 2012

International Day

The girls have international day at school today. C7's class is doing India, and Q6's class is doing the US. Cool!

C7 wanted to go to the Sari Palace to buy a sari, but after looking and seeing that they might be $50 I thought no, not just for one day. So we improvised so C7 wouldn't have to wear her uniform.

M43 had given me a great scarf last  year after her trip to India, and brought back necklaces for the girls. And recently she gave C7 a sparkly shirt that K8 didn't like. I'll tell you why she doesn't like it ... it itches in the underarms. But I got C7 to wear a camisole and put it on, because a sparkly shirt was just the thing. And she put on shorts, and we wrapped the scarf [that I ironed, I might add] around her like a sari and BOOM. Her outfit. Yes, everything came from M43! I think she looks great.

M8 and C7 in saris for international day

Since Q6's class was doing the US we thought C7's colonial girl outfit from Halloween would work for her. She's wearing her cumberbund a bit low, but heh, that's fine. We found the mob cap. By we I mean me. Because I sent both Q6 and C7 down to look for it where I knew it was and neither of them could find it. Right where it said it was in the dress up clothes. It is kharmic revenge for all the times I did the same thing to my parents, I'm sure.

Q6 in colonial girl outfit for international day

They both look great, and I'm sure international day will be fun.

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