Thursday, April 26, 2012

Track meet

Q6 signed up for track this year. It is kind of late, actually, so we've missed all the Thursday night practices, and one meet. In fact, we've gone to exactly one track practice and one meet.

Both times Q6 was rather nervous, and wasn't sure she wanted to go. Well, she was sure she wanted to go until she saw the big track and then ... oh. But the track practice was fine, she ended up loving it and saying "that was an hour? It felt like a minute!" and she loved running the hills workout and the "robot" exercise. In fact she does the robot at random times in our house just for fun.

The track meet last night was a moment for excitement -- until we got there. Before we got there she was running around in her uniform, doing exercises, the robot, etc. and basically excited to go. C7 was excited to go and cheer her on, too. But then when we go there -- wow. I was intimidated. Two busloads of kids, and tons of cars and people. The track was gorgeous and huge.

Q6 and I did the lap around the track warm up together, and then she was happy to let me go.

She signed up for her first race. The 100, the 400, and the 200 (although she skipped the 200).

Here is a video of the 100. The coach asked me to take this so we could see her running. Even though she had a rough start (oh, the starting gun? Yeah, OK, I've got to go!) she runs it through to the end, which is great.

Q6 got a 3rd place ribbon for this, so she should be proud (even though in her heat she was with older kids and came in last, which kind of upset her).

Then a break, then the 400. That is a lap around the whole track. To an adult, it might not be much, but to a 6 year old ... she looked really small from far away.

You can see she is nervous. She the little girl on the inside. Biting her hair.

Q6 Ready for 400 Meters Q6 Ready for 400 Meters

Again, she came in dead last on this one, but she made it all the way around without stopping, and she again ran it through at the end instead of just drooping off at the end, and that is hard to do. She got a 6th place ribbon, though, and it upset her to come in last and way after the other girls.

Q6 With Her Ribbons

She was hungry and tired so instead of staying for the 200 we decided to go, but she was still upset. So upset, in fact, that she threw her ribbons out when she got  home, and said she wanted to do practice but not meets. She sounds just like I always felt.

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