Saturday, April 14, 2012

Service to the community

Way back in the fall the Hyattsville Elementary School PTA hosted a book sale. C7 at that time sold tickets for free lemonade, redeemable April 14, 2012. She gave the money to the HES PTA in November, but as the date came due ... certain of our friends reminded us that TODAY was THE DAY.

Since there was a parade anyway, we decided to honor our commitments with a lemonade stand, but this time the money would go to the Greenbelt animal shelter.

Here is the stand set up, and Q5 ready to provide drinks. Yes, that is $.25 purrrrr cup. Nice pun, right?

Q5 at the lemonade stand

And here is C7 with a service dog in training ... he's young, but already REALLY well behaved!! He could sit already, he was calm and easy going.

C7 and a service dog in training

The girls earned $16.65 for the Greenbelt Animal Shelter. We'll be going to donate the money sometime soon! At $.25/cup (dixie cup) they did a nice job.

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  1. And they sold a cup to the Chief of Police/Acting City Administrator ... he stopped the lead car in the parade to get out and buy a cup. They also sold a cup to a Ward 1 councilwoman and to someone from the Prince George's Sheriff's Department ...