Saturday, May 19, 2012

Biking update

Here's how the biking went.

Wait, C7 renamed her blog AlphaCanisMinoris (ha!) but you can still see it at

She has some comments on how to learn a bike there. Here are my comments.

Sunday, day 1. Lots of running by me, holding bikes, letting them glide, helping them start and ride. Tiring.
Monday, day 2. Wet, biking in the rain. Nobody wanted to go but I forced them for just 20 minutes or so.
Tuesday, day 3. Another short practice, there was a girl learning how to drive around the parking lot too. Can you smell disaster? But both girls getting better, less holding, but nobody can QUITE do it, and confidence is shaky.
Wednesday, a day off.
Thursday, day 4. C7 got it! Then she practiced starting by herself, back and forth, back and forth, and finally in giant patterns around the area. Q5 also mostly has it but her bike is a wee bit too small. Difficult for her to bike. She does better on C7's bike, but the seat is too high.
Friday, day 5, she took C42 to the parking lot so he could see her. And here she is (sorry about the wind noises).

Today we picked up a 2nd hand bike with hand brakes and bigger wheels for C7. Just need to pump up the tires and get pedals, although I'm not sure how long it will last. Then Q6 can use the other bigger bike that C7 has been riding and we can get rid of the 12 inch wheel bike. Yippee!

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