Friday, May 25, 2012

Still biking

Yes, we've finally gotten Q6 on board. She was a little bit lukewarm about it ... probably because the bike she was using was too small and difficult to use. But we got her on the bigger bike and she picked it right up.

When the day started Q6 was still having some difficulties starting the bike, but she didn't want help. I have many many videos like this as I tried to capture her biking, but instead capture her trying to get started.

She eventually gets going, sometimes a little wobbly.

Then it is all we can do to get her to stop.

And C7? She is that speck in the distance in this video. She was biking around and around the trail in the park. And eventually Q6 was doing it too.

By the end of yesterday she was saying "I"m GREAT at this" and proceeded to ride all around the park. She saw a friend who was impressed that she was going around the loop (about 1/3 of a mile) by herself. That made her feel great.

C7 is quite proficient on the bike now, although she's gotten so confident that she wants to go FAST. So she goes FAST. And then tried to take corners FAST. and she falls. She hit the ground and gotten pinned under her bike at least three times yesterday. But she is as determined as ever, and has been picking herself up (with some help; her bike IS really heavy) and getting on again to ride some more. Yay!

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