Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hell on wheels (aka bikes) part two

Yesterday I asked the kids if they'd do something for me on Mother's Day (today) and Q6 immediately said "yes" and C7 said "Maybe. What do you want?" I cajoled her into saying yes and then I told them I wanted to go down to the park to learn how to bike.

Chorus of "Nooooo!" and "Scoooooters!" came back at me, but nevertheless, this morning I put the bikes in the car (forgot the helmets and had to send C42 back for them) and headed to the park.

It went better than I thought it would. C7 did a great job on the basketball court.

That is, until she fell and hurt her elbow. She dismissed our suggestions of elbow and knee pads (ugly looking) but reluctantly agreed to get back on the bike and try again once. We  pushed it to about 3 more times on the basketball court and then a 2-3 more times on the grass.

Q6 also did really well. Her bike is too small for her ... she was better riding C7's bike, actually. But initially she and I rode around the court, she'd then shimmy up the basketball pole, then ride around again on her little bike. She got her stride on the grass on C7s bike, though. And her is me going pedal pedal pedal!

and here I am picking up the bike after a spill.

E41 with thebike

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