Friday, May 11, 2012

Hell on wheels (aka scooters)

In an attempt to get the kids out on bikes we ended up on scooters Thursday night after coming home from Massachusetts. Nobody wanted to ride a bike, but consented to a swing around the neighborhood on scooters.

Q6 initially started with bare feet until I sent her home. Not that she cared. Her little three wheeled scooter didn't go so fast.

Q6 scooter

C7's 2 wheeled scooter CAN go fast. I love this thing, perhaps more than C7 does. If she outgrows it I'm raising the handles and scootering around. C7 scootered all the way down to the park and around the loop and came home. Look at how helmeted she is!! Safety gear!!

C7 Scootering at the park

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