Monday, May 28, 2012

What's missing?

New photos of Q6's room.

Q6s room 2

Besides the obvious unusual feature of it being relatively CLEAN ... the big difference is we took out her bed. Q6 has always liked sleeping on the floor, especially next to the air vent. Plus, it was difficult to keep under her bed free of books, stuffies, hair clips, craft items, pens, pencils, paper, library books, bags, clothes, and toys. And dust. So, I finally realized that she wouldn't be any unhappier without a bed (nobody likes cleaning under it, nobody wanted to sleep on it), and now she has more room to play. 

As for sleep, she recently had taken an old crib comforter (Used by both girls, and most recently by me in the winter to top my side of the bed to give me the extra degrees that C42 doesn't want), put almost ALL of her stuffies inside it, and had been sleeping inside it like a giant uncomfortable sleeping bag filled with stuffed animals. Last night when I took her to the bathroom and she got back into her "bed"  I asked if she wanted to be on the floor or her bed and she said "The floor. it's oh so cozy."

So I took down that hideous stuffie hanging thing that was always in the way, took the last 3 stuffies out of it that she hadn't been able to reach, and put them inside the comforter cover. I put the whole thing next to the air vent with her pillows, her "husband" (the pillow with arms, in case you haven't heard that term), and big elephant (who is wrapped in princess blankie). And that is where she is sleeping tonight.

Q6s room 3

The bed frame is in the attic, and the mattress is under our bed wrapped in a sheet, just in case she wants it again. In the meantime, however, it's the floor.

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