Saturday, June 9, 2012

blah blah blah this week

This week in review:

  • C7 has been doing swim team every afternoon. I can see improvement in her swimming already. Better than lessons! She hasn't complained at all except for the fact that they have been working on kicking, kicking, kicking! Boring. But clearly needed. C7 loves to swim out the lane dividers. I love to watch this because it isn't actually easy, especially as you get closer to the end. Sometimes C7 will be swimming swimming swimming at the end of the pool, lane divider dragging behind her, getting nowhere nearer to the wall that is only 2 feet in front of her.
  • Q6 has been bemoaning track. But Thursday night she had a meet and despite her not wanting to go we went. I am glad we did, as she took Silver in the 100 meter (coming from behind) and Gold in the 400M (from a field of one). The wins and medals totally got her psyched up for track. The 100 meter event was a field of six 5 & 6 year old girls. As usual she did a sloppy job starting, but she pushed it and came from behind for a solid silver medal. That silver medal energized her and she was then totally gung ho for the 400 meter race. The 400 was run by only two 6 & unders, both from our team. One boy, and one girl. Q6 was sure she'd at least get silver, but then -- Wow -- she got gold! -- (because she was the only  6 & under girl running. She hadn't realized that girls ran against girls, boys against boys, even if they are physically running at the same time). She was thrilled again. Two medals? Awesome. They clinked and clanked their way into her classroom the next day where she showed them off to everybody, along with the rest of her (previously tossed) ribbons.
  • Thursday C7 had a talent show at school for her classroom. C42 and Q6 went, but I missed it. She did painting, and just brought a painting to school and talked about it. One of the boys in her class had "track" as a talent, and he challenged the audience to a race. Q6 took him up on it. And ... she beat him on the first leg, but he toasted her on the turnaround and beat her in the end.
  • I got a haircut on Friday, and asked the hairdresser to enhance the curls by layering. Did she ever! My hair is wet in the below photo but the waves are great.
  • Saturday C7 did time trials for swim team. She only came in last in the crawl. She raced her race.
  • Saturday Q6 went to the Girl Scouts Rock the Mall. We missed much of the events that were happening, but the best part was the swaps, anyway. Girls make "swaps" or little things to trade. For international day the girls made alligator clips out of clothes pins. For this one we made hair clips. They were cute and useful (I can't tell you how many adults said "just what we need!" and stuck it right in their girl's hair). And doing the swaps was a GREAT way for shy girls to get some courage to interact with girls that they don't know. For that reason alone it was awesome.
C7 talking about her art. It is a small dog house. Of course.
C7 and her art

Tail end of the race on stage.

My haircut.
Evelin hair

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