Saturday, June 2, 2012

Moving on

Q6's Kindergarten class held a moving on ceremony on Thursday. It was very sweet. One child read a poem, and then all the children sang songs. Lots of songs. The seven songs that we've been hearing over and over. I think they've been practicing for a long time! Well, it was great, actually. They did a fantastic job.

You may not want to watch EVERY song. That's OK. I've put them in the order in which they sang them. Start with the first one -- Q6 was standing next to her friend P6, who apparently had been worrying about remembering the words, and worrying if she might start to cry up on the risers. Self fulfilling prophecy: it happened. And then Q6 works very hard and very sweetly to comforter her. It takes a few songs, and she also enlists H6 to help her. And then First Grade, First Grade is a great song, too.

I Will Sing Hello

Frere Jacques


First Grade, First Grade
Mi Cuerpo, My Body

Going on a Picnic

Mr. Golden Sun

Then we had a little kind of crazy reception in the classroom. And then -- if the parents wanted -- we could take our children home.

Q6 asked me all week if I'd take her. Would she come home with me? Would I take her? My plan was to take her, but I kept saying I didn't know, I'd try, I hope so. So when the time came she was thrilled, and we went to Franklin's for lunch, and P6 (the crying friend) and her parents came with us. It was lovely, and a nice way to celebrate moving onto first grade.

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