Tuesday, July 17, 2012

After dinner cattle round up

I planned to do the cattle round up with C7 and Q6, but at the last minute Q6 decided not to do it, so we sent C7 in with another family. Q6 hung out on the hitching post and under a tree.

Q6 on the hitching post

This was C7 in her hat and jeans (and dress, of course), getting ready to go. She had decorated her hat, although she did not want me to photograph it on her head, for some reason. You'll also notice the position of her hands ... she was forever yanking up the jeans because they kept falling down.

C7 in jeans and hat C7 with her hat

And here she is on Destiny, the horse.

C7 on horse

Videos coming up of C7 riding that horse. She was up penning the cattle (the owners and wranglers drove the cows up, mostly, and then the visitors penned them) but really wanted to go down to get some cattle. OK, I said, you are in charge of your horse, go do it. So ... she did! Mostly the action is fairly low key, but this was C7's 3rd time on a horse. I think she did fine. No fear at all.

Just after she gets on the horse:

Penning the cow. You can see Destiny is a spirited horse!

A little action.

And C7 attempting to go get those cows! Smack smack smack she tried to make that horse move!!

And an extra photo of C7, L8, and Q6.

C7, L8, and Q6

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