Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Moving the cows

The ranch keeps cows to move them. Actually, so the guests can move them. Twice a week the cows get moved from the pasture to the corral, they gets penned at night, then moved back to the pasture the next morning. They know the routine, even if they don't really want to participate in the penning.

So our second full day we brought the cattle back to their pasture. Even the girls got to go, although each of them had a wrangler to help move their horses along.

I had a hard time taking photos on the cattle drive. I got some fuzzy bouncy ones. But it was fun. The cows knew exactly what to do, and did it. We just had to moooo-ve along with the cows and occasionally come up behind them to prod them on.

Papa on the cattle drive:
Papa and the cattle drive

Q6 on the cattle drive:
Q6 on her horse

And here is a teeny tiny bit of a video of the girls on horses:

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