Friday, August 10, 2012

New items to wear

C43 bought some things today, including sleeping bags for both girls. Apparently they make good garments.  This is how C7 dresses up. You won't catch her in actual dress-up clothes, but find her a blankie or a rag and she's all over it. Here she has two skirts, a sleeping bag, and a stuff sack.


And Q5 was wearing  petticoat made of a silky top and the remainder a sheer material, pulled up to her armpits. I had to delete the photo because it was inappropriate and could be appropriated by rude people. But here is the two of them together. C7 still has her bonnet-a-stuff-sack on, but you can see her over skirt is held on by a scarf. And the stuff sack looks like a shower cap.


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