Thursday, August 9, 2012

This week in Q5's mouth

A few days ago Q5 had a loose tooth (look at the Crazy Eyes post and you'll see the wiggler sticking out a little bit further than the other front tooth).  It had been loose for ages. AGES. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. Slowly, slowly it got a wee bit looser until she hit it on the windowsill. It bled and bled lightly for an hour, and was hanging on by a thread. It hung on until time for bed (at least 7:00, Q6 tells me) and then Q6 wiggled it on her way upstairs, and on the penultimate stair -- Q6 pulled it out. That was Sunday.


Next to that was another wiggler. Barely loose. I figured we had weeks to go since it wasn't very wiggly. BUT, while at a friend's house today ... Q6 had a rope in her mouth, the rope got yanked, and the tooth came out, just like that.

All I want for Christmas

As you can see by the photos her tooth is already pushing in  where the one fell out this morning!

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