Saturday, October 27, 2012

Apple picking before the storm

Weather forcasting is so good that we've known for almost a week that Hurricane Sandy was coming. Intensity and landfall were indetermined for a while, but by Friday we really were pretty sure it was going to get wet. And by Saturday we knew we'd get really wet.  I say this because it makes you a little stir-crazy waiting for the storm. Like, Come ON, already! So Saturday when C43 got an email from Distillery Lane Ciderworks saying that pick your own Gold Rush apples were ready ... we got in the car and went.

They told us we could pick as many as we wanted; they would keep anything we didn't want, because they needed to get the apples in before the storm. I think we bought all we picked anyway, but good to know.

It was a lovely day, but you can see the ominous clouds in the background.

Isn't this a great photo? 

C43, C8, and Q6 apple picking

And some more of just the cute ones:

Q6 & C8 hugging

C8 & Q6 apple picking

We tried to get a family shot but I'd forgotten to check the batteries before we went out. But now we have a boatload of apples, some hard cider for me & C43, and the name of a nursery where we can buy some Gold Rush trees. Plus Q6 got to feed some chickens.  The farmer (owner?) was chatting with us as we waited for C43 & C8 to buy our apples (the tasting room and store were MUCH too crowded for me). Q6 & I went down to a field that had held animals last time we were there ... but had a new orchard in it this time. And the owner saw us reading their information stations and asked if we wanted to feed the chickens. They just had 4 chickens for personal use, so no eggs to buy. Plus Q6 got to name one of the chickens. Jill, I think she named it ... if we go back next year we'll see if it is still Jill ...

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