Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012


In theory, I liked C8's costume a lot. A character from one of the books she's writing. Except that 1) she hasn't written the book yet and 2) she just barely finished creating the physical book (taping paper together) and 3) let's not discuss the actual costume. Good points, though, she drew a picture of Tre (the charater from her book) and taped it to her basket so people could see who she was. That, and the costume took exactly no effort on my part, and cost zero dollars.

C8 as Tre1

In reality, I liked Q6's costume a lot. Zombie-vampire-skelton! Scary stuff, awesome. She wore the teeth all night, even sucking a lolipop with them on. And I did a great job with the makeup, except that I skipped her forhead and forgot to use the temporary tattoos that we bought. And the green in her hair doesn't show up. But aside from that her face looks awesome ugly. Also a low effort costume, but I did have to go out and buy $.99 teeth, hairspray that didn't work, and makeup. And tattoos that we forgot to use, but I love love love and wish I'd worn to work today. But Q6 gave me the very specific list of things she needed so all I needed to do was cough up the money. And the dress is a hand-me-down from her cousin K8.

Q6 zombi vampire skeleton girl

Happy Halloween!

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