Sunday, October 21, 2012

More biking

Q6 has decided she really likes biking. When I asked  her what she wanted to do on Friday the answer was "go biking at Magruder Park." C8 did NOT want to do that, so she stayed home. There is one spot on the parking lot that is a bit lower than the rest and so it becomes muddy and puddle-y pretty easily. With the hard rain we'd had that morning, it was a GIANT puddle.

Q6 was tentative at first, but with a little encouragement she soon saw the beauty in going fast through the puddle. She spent the first half hour just singing, bobbing her head, and cruising through the puddle.

I called home and asked C43 if there was any way he could get C8 down to the park. I didn't have high hopes, we've had some bike issues (who rides which bike), but incredibly, the puddle was a draw. By this time Q6's back, helmet, face, everything were covered with mud. C8 biked down and was drawn to the puddle.

After that she got faster, and she had a huge puddle back, took. All was going very very well. C & Q biked for another hour, and then some friends came down to enjoy the puddle ... but 4 kids riding back and forth was too much and C8 T-Boned Q6. C8 sat down for a bit, then without warning got up, took off her helmet, and walked her bike off. I thought she MIGHT be headed to the bathroom, but she was actually headed to home. I caught up with her, made her bike one more loop, and let her go.

And some explanation from Q6 about the whole extravaganza.

We went out biking again on Saturday, but the parking lot was packed, as there was a football game going on. So we biked onto the trail and down to a park about a mile and a half from home. They were tired when they got back, but no falls on Saturday. C8 also requested that I sit outside and watch them bike in the street, which they then did until they couldn't bike any more.

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