Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sidewalk Zamboni

What you missed this afternoon:

1) C8 melting down because Q6 and her friend S6 wouldn't play school indoors with her when they could be outside.
2) Q6 and S6 playing "the stupids" who poop anywhere they can
3) The sidewalk zamboni.

By far my favorite thing of the afternoon was the sidewalk zamboni. They are still outside playing sidewalk zamboni.


Making the sidewalk zamboni:

C8 and Sidewalk Zamboni

Proud of the sidewalk zamboni:

C8 with Sidewalk Zamboni

Advertising the sidewalk zamboni (video):

And finally, riding the sidewalk zamboni (video):

So, if the leaves are getting you down ... Sidewalk Zamboni!!! Proven to provoke laughter!

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