Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another visit

We visited Uncle P and Aunt K today. We had a lovely visit, everybody was well behaved, adults and children.  Mostly, the girls were extremely exited about all the candy that Uncle P set out and -- of course -- about the dogs, Abby and Chloe. Last time we were there I think Chloe nipped -- or tried to nip -- Q6, and was shut in her room. This time she behaved.

Before we left we took a walk with the dogs. Abby was trying to read the pee mail. C8 could barely get her away.

C8 pulling Abby

We headed to see the ponies, but we had go back so we could return in time for Q6's Brownies meeting. So we drove over to the horses. Q6 is cranky here because they wouldn't come up to the fence.

Q6 and C8 try to pet a horse


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