Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving in Louisiana

First off, I should let you know the weather was 100% perfect in Louisiana while we were there. Perfect. Ninoo's Meyer lemon tree was loaded with lemons, and the satsumas were ripe and delicious. Obviously I don't come from the South. I've always imagined the citrus crop on trees the size of apple trees. Such as the ones in my parent's back yard. Only filled with lemons. Turns out they are tiny little bushy things that look nothing like apple trees. And those orange in lemon trees you can buy for your sunny spacious house in the north? They actually are real, full-sized trees! Think what you will, but there it is. Ninoo gave away lemons on Thanksgiving day, and here is C8 cutting them for everybody.

2012-11-22  C8 cutting the lemons

Both C8 and Q6 wanted to go to the children's museums in Hammond and New Orleans, but we had to rein it in a bit, and walked to the children's museum in Hammond, it was about a 6 block walk, very close.

Just about the first thing they did was hit the bubble area. Amazingly huge bubbles! The trick is to go fast, even though that initially makes no sense ... I wanted to pull the thing up carefully and slowly, but that just pops. Zing!

2012-11-21 C8 in giant bubble 2012-11-21 Both in a Bubble 2012-11-21 Q6 bubble

They then spent a huge amount of time in the restaurant. I ate a LOT of plastic food. Q6 was a grand waitress who also milked the cow, and C8 did it all -- hostessing, waitressing, preparing food, bussing tables, tallying our check.

2012-11-21 Q6 in restaurant window 2012-11-21 C8 in restaurant

Q6 was in a mood here and there, so whenever there was a smile, I took the picture. 

2012-11-21 Q6 in Ditch 2012-11-21 Q6
***Update! I just touched those Meyer Lemons ... also a surprise! SMOOOOOOOTH****

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