Friday, November 23, 2012

Tickfaw State Park

We visited Tickfaw State Park back in 2008, and did basically the same stuff: complained, walked, complained, threw sticks and stones in the river. Looked for animals, saw none. Seems as though we must have one complaining child at all times at Tickfaw State Park.

On Friday Q6 was fine, had an attitude, was fine, had an attitude, was fine, had an attitude ... etc. etc. Wow. But we survived. I tried not to take too many attitude pictures and instead when she was in fine form I'd take those photos so we'd have good memories. Pulling out the camera and giving her my sunglasses helped, and she started to smile. Also, C8 was in a grand mood, walked and talked with Ninoo & Papa, and was generally the anti-Q.

Beginning of mood2012-11-23 C8 and Q6 with sunglasses

C8 did fall down on the side of the swamp, getting her shoe all muddy. This is Ninoo helping her up. And that's me trying to preserve the memory, behind the camera. But no crying, complaining, or worrying. Yippee!

2012-11-23 C8 and Ninoo

And I just liked this:

2012-11-23 Q6 ripples on the water

After this we set off walking on a loop walk and Q6 decided no, she wasn't going anywhere. And sat. And threw rocks, and was silly, and cried, and was stubborn. Whole range of emotions! So I took out the camera and took about 30 pictures of her, trying different styles on the camera, since I'd just discovered them, while she did her thing.. Here are three. The dots were her favorite and was what actually made her get up to start walking again.

2012-11-23 Q6 mood 1

2012-11-23 Q6 mood 2  Q6 in dots

We walked along and found the rest of our family on a fallen tree in the river.

2012-11-23 C8 2012-11-23 C43 and C8 on a tree in the river

2012-11-23 In the swamp

After this, Q6 refused to go again. I decided to carry her, and I piggy backed her for 3/4-1 mile while playing I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing ... Q6 and I brought apples, bananas, cats, a donkey, eggs, fish, (uncle) Greg, ham, ice cream sandwiches, jam, kangaroos, Lucas, marshmallows, noodles, oranges, Parker, quarters, radishes, starfish, turtles, ugli fruit, volcano, witches brew , x-rays, yardstick, and finally zebras. We had quite a list going.  Finally we got to the parking lot again, had a snack, and Q6 perked up. 

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