Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gingerbreading 2012

I didn't do much decorating myself, but C8 did a lot, Q6 did some, and J & A did their house, which turned out lovely.

I think all of our candies this year were red and green and white. Not many blue, yellow, brown, pink, purple candies, so whatever is on the house looks good.

Here is Q6 making her house. Her house looks a little bare. But her woodpile is stacked 6 logs high!

Q6 and gbread house

Here are the three houses finished. Q6's house to the left (And that is the highly decorated side. You can see the tree isn't even decorated). C8's is in the middle, and J & A's house to the right. Their roof looked especially nice this year.

3 houses

And here is the piano I made for the piano teacher. I made the template from a music box my great-grandmother Catherine gave me way back in the early 1980s. That little blob on top is the metronome, just in case you couldn't tell! I did not have a strong urge to decorate the piano with candy, so we'll be doing another house to use up some of this candy closer to Christmas.

Piano with metronome

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