Friday, December 14, 2012

Williamsburg 2012 - Day 1

I mentioned to Carter while we were in Louisiana that I wanted to go to Williamsburg at Christmas sometime ... and he and his folks made it happen. Thanks for the great gift, it was a fantastic weekend!

Last time we were in Williamsburg Q6 was 3 years old and C8 was 4 years old.  This time was colder and much less busy, which was nice.

We drove down Friday night and made every mistake possible, traffic-wise. So it took us an extra 90 plus minutes. Much of that was just traffic delays. But there was also us trying to mitigate those traffic delays and making it take longer. So by the time we arrived it was 6:30 and the kids were hungry and cranky. I ordered a burger for me, a cheese flatbread for C8, knowing that C43 would eat it if she didn't like it. She didn't, so she at my pickle and then ordered more pickles. Q6 initially refused food. So she ate all my chips. And once she had a little food in her she requested flatbread without cheese, so she got saucy bread.  Finally they were not crying and melting down and started to behave as they should.

At the lodge fireplace

We were all tired, except C43, and so three of us went to bed, and C43 trolled the streets of Williamsburg.

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