Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday is recycling day

The thing about recycling is if it lingers too long the kids start rummage through it and bring stuff back into the house. Old pieces of paper. Empty tissue boxes. Graded and returned homework. Wrappers. Boxes.

This morning the kids were at home because it is a teacher grading day ... so they all have a day off from school. Normally C43 takes the recycling to the curb on Thursday night, and the recyclables are gone before the girls leave for school. Today, however, the recycling guys were a bit late

When Q6 looked out the window as C43 left for work she saw the stack of boxes next to the recycling bin, ready to be taken away. Disaster. She rushed outside and rescued them, despite me asking her not to.

Q6 rescuing recycling

Ug. Boxes back in the house. But I then asked her if she wanted to read inside the box. She did. So we plopped some blankies inside and a flashlight, and shut the lid on her. She must have spent 2 hours in there (in total) this morning, even reading a book she would not have had she been outside the box (Whispering to Witches by Anna Dale).

Q6 in box

Next week we'll get rid of the boxes, next week.

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