Saturday, January 19, 2013

Teachers who are awesome

C8s teacher this year is awesome. Really incredible. But she is pregnant (how DARE she?) and will probably be going on maternity leave early in March.

Bugger. But C8 wanted to make her something. A cashmere stuffie dog. She made a pattern, cut out the dog (oops, tail got chopped too small? Just sew some cashmere on), sewed on button eyes. I convinced her to sew it right sides together and then turn it inside-right and stuff it, rather than have the raw edges on the outside. Phew. I did that sewing for her and then turned it right side in .... couldn't get the tail, so that actually is still inside out.

C8 making dog

She sewed on the ears and nose, stuffed it, and then sewed up the stuffing hole very nicely. It looks great!!! A teeny dachshund! We didn't stuff the legs or tail, since they'll be easy for a baby to grab if they aren't stuffed. And the buttons will be easy to pull off an eat, right? Eh, it is the thought that counts!

C8 with dog

Also, C8 and M8 picked out fabric with which to make a baby blanket for their teacher. Fuzzy fleecy minky on the back, gender-neutral fabric on the front. The fleece was stretchy and difficult to work with, so I did most (all) of the work, but they picked the fabrics. I love that red/white polka dot, so I tried to swap out a different fabric, but C8 noticed and kicked up her heels a bit. Back to the dots!

Baby blanket

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