Monday, January 28, 2013

Where Q6 fell asleep

So, I guess today was a little rough. Q6 asked me for more attention before she fell asleep, and then she crawled into the box and fell asleep there.

Q6 in a box ...

I think the troubles started last night, when I was snuggling on C8's pillow with her. I noticed she was scratching her head a little vigorously,  so I checked her hair ... yes, nits were observed. I didn't see any live lice at that point in time, but they are sneaky and I was wearing my contacts instead of my naked eyes. We checked Q6 and saw nothing, so we let both girls go to bed. And C43 headed out to buy Nix and a special comb and lots of other crap that I asked for to get rid of the creatures.

Overnight we got slush and snow and freezing rain, so the girl's school had a two hour delay. That gave me just enough time to wash, treat, and comb out C8's hair. Oh, my, she was loaded, but we got her treated, so she could go to school. Then I showed them how I'd use the electronic comb on their heads in the afternoon ... and found that I was also infected.

When I dropped the kids off at school, I let the nurse know about C8 being infected and treated. The nurse said she wanted to check Q6, which I suggested she do while I was there, but still nothing. I came home and treated myself, did more laundry.

When I got the girls home in the afternoon I used the electronic comb on both girls ... and caught a few more creatures on both of them. And then later tonight ... C43 ... infected.

So we are all scratching and feeling positively disgusting. But Q6 asked me to spend more time combing her hair out tomorrow. Not zapping her ear (which I did twice with the electronic comb), but just nit picking her. I can do that. And then she fell asleep in her box.

**where Q6 usually sleeps these days**

Q6 in the closet

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