Sunday, January 27, 2013

french kisses or

C8 started talking the other day, with a questioning tone ... "there is a type of kisses, I can't remember what it is called,  where you put your tongue in somebody else's mouth, right?"

To which I replied yes, it is called "French kissing" and Q6 then leaned in toward me and said, "let's try it" all  ready to give it a go. I yelped "NO" and pushed her away and she propositioned C8.

And I hastily explained it was something that you do with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Not your mother or sister or father. Or anybody remotely related to you.

At which point the C8 asked "Did you and Daddy French kissed? You are related." Ewwww. And I had to explain once again that no C43 & I are NOT related, and there will be no, No, NO kissing of your sister, your mother, or your father!

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