Sunday, March 3, 2013


I have not been bowling with the kids for a while. So long, in fact, that I think I missed a renovation of the bowling alley.
2013-03-03 16.38.29 C8 at the bowling ally

But we went today, and everybody had a great time. The first game C43 won, beating Q6 by 1 (although he rolled three gutter balls in the last frame on purpose so she could win, she unfortunately rolled a 4 that string).         C8 came in a close third, and I came in last -- by a very comfortable margin, I believe.

C8 got a spare -- best roll for her! And Q6 is fun to watch because of her crazy face and walks.


Second game, Q6 rolled two strikes, one for her, and then one for me. SO exciting! I've never rolled a strike in duckpins! Or candlepins! Or big-ball bowling (well, maybe just once). Q6 and C8 rolled a fair number of my balls (on purpose), as did the boy in the next lane (not so much on purpose) who was extremely energetic but rather all over the place.

2013-03-03 16.18.37 Q6 at the bowling ally

Thanks to the help I got from Q6 & C8, I won our second game by at least 25 points. Dead last is my usual modus operandi, so this was a nice bonus for me.

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  1. Thanks to Q6 who bowled a strike for you in one frame (her second strike of the day ...)